Zack’s Local Farm to Table Restaurant & Catering

Zack's Local Farm to Table Restaurant & Catering

New Bethlehem, PA
301 Wood Street New Bethlehem, PA 16242
Zack’s in New Bethlehem is a local farm to table restaurant and catering. Chef Zack makes everything from scratch. Nothing comes from a box!  Sourcing 90% of all ingredients locally and feature many farm families throughout their menu. They are the real Farm to Table with a monthly rotating menu. Chef Zack pulls out his passion on each plate. Zack’s specialty coffee bar is the only place in town to get a true espresso or latte along with offering delicious specialty tea and coffee drinks.  Don’t forget the dessert! Enjoy in-house baked pies, cookies, cakes and really anything anyone could want! Chef Zack can truly make a masterpiece when it comes to your event, buffet style, four-course plated, pick-up, drop-ff, on-site & private catering are all options. With the Chef cooking, there’s no need to stress about your party or event! Find them online and follow them on facebook

Zack's Local Farm to Table Restaurant & Catering

301 Wood Street, New Bethlehem, PA, USA

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Zack's Local Farm to Table Restaurant & Catering
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